"The experience of learning a dog's very different psychology was fantastic. We had always treated our dogs as members of the family (we thought that was 'natural'), and learning just how different they are has helped us more than we had ever imagined.

Our dogs were often hyperactive, barking at the doorbell, the telephone and at strangers. Walking them could be a chore and a challenge. Lynda taught me how to communicate with the dogs in a way they really understand and respond to, and the techniques she taught me have allowed me to continue building that new relationship.

The dogs' behaviour changed beyond recognition before Lynda finished the first consultation. Thanks to the appreciation of our dogs' needs Lynda gave us, they are now calmer, quieter and much more content."
Tor Bramford - Slough

"I was incredibly impressed both with Lynda, and with the theory behind what she was teaching. I left feeling really positive and couldn’t wait to get out on a walk. Florence is extremely nervous and her major problems are separation anxiety and barking at strangers/cyclists etc. My first walk was a huge success! Florence did not bark at anyone and at least 3 cyclists went past without even so much as glance from the dog….I was amazed. Thank you so much again, and thank you to Lynda for her patience and her ability to make me realise that I held the key to Florence’s insecurities without making me feel bad about it!"
Olivia - Surrey

"Within 30 minutes Lynda had educated me to manage the behaviour of Milly (my 2 year old Shi tzhu) when the doorbell rang. Before she would run to the front door barking and jump up whoever came in. Now using Lynda's expertise, Milly lets me know when someone is at the door and stands back allowing me to welcome guests without her taking control. I would also dread taking her for walks as she would constantly bark at any other dog we met. Again Lynda's calm and effective instruction brought about an almost immediate change in her behaviour and we now love our stress-free walks together. Meeting Lynda has changed my relationship with Milly very much for the better. I can not recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Lynda!"
Carolyn - Andover

"My training consultation with Lynda was excellent! The content of the demonstration covered everything I was looking for and Lynda explained everything so clearly. Every question I had on the tip of my tounge - Lynda answered without me even asking it! I was struggling so much previously walking Bailey on the lead, until Lynda took the reins and demonstrated all I needed to know about leadership! By the end of the session Bailey was walking calmly by my side and wasn't even distracted by other dogs only a few feet away! I couldn't believe it was possible! My session with Lynda gave me so much advice and information, all of which I have adopted since the consultation and I have seen so much improvement with Bailey. He's definitely a pet to be proud of. Best of all was the confidence Lynda gave me to walk away and put her advice into action, the rewards for both me and Bailey have been brilliant. Thank you Lynda!"
Kind Regards,
Tara – Bracknell, Berkshire

"I found Lynda to be calm but consistent whilst explaining to me various ways I could approach Rocky's challenging behaviour. I felt much more confident and a rush of love for my dog when I saw him with Lynda and how well he was behaving. The most valuable thing Lynda has taught me is the 'owning the space' move. When Rocky barks at the door or window or gets over protective when we are out, Lynda taught me to take that protective responsibility away from Rocky as I should be looking out for him. I now take the space between him and whatever he is barking at and reassure him all is well. When I first did it he looked at me very oddly but then just sat down and stared at me! I can now say if he barks when the bell rings all I have to do is tell him to be quiet and once I get up he just sits back and waits! Fantastic! Thank you Lynda for your patience."
Kindest Regards
Sarah - Hertfordshire

"We were very impressed with Lynda. She came to visit us and assessed OBI (our weirmariner) who had behaviour problems in the car and also when the people knocked at the door. Lynda was very clear with her advice and demonstrated how effective it could be. She spent time with us and OBI to make sure that we understood and it was quite incredible how OBI reacted positively. We have noticed an improvement immediately and he is already starting to improve. We were very impressed with Lynda, she listened, provided clear advice, took the time to show us. Thank you Lynda, and Well Done!"
Karen and Steve - Farnham

"Lynda's professional service comes very highly recommended. First she helped us to understand why Rolo was reacting to some situations in a stressful manner. She then taught us how to address this. We have put her advice into practice on several occasions since her consultation, and it has really helped him. Lynda's love of animals, and dogs in particular, shines through.
Karen and Graham - Farnham